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i think i may have posted this song a month or so ago but i can’t be sure and i don’t want to scroll through my posts to see

anyway, it doesn’t matter that much

because The War On Drugs is my artist of the weekend

Kurt Vile just gets better and better

Made with Paper

(via Instapaper)

(via Instapaper)


The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Jazz Goes to College (1954).  

A true giant.  Rest in peace.

Taking a moment to savor the joy that is Dave Brubeck’s work…

(via fredseibert)

My account is a repository for 20 years of Spam (exhibit 1)

Here’s one from 1995!

Hello my dear .
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Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires track from the Alive Naturalsound comp “Where Is Parker Griggs?”

I’M OBSESSED with the Alive Sampler, “Where Is Parker Griggs?” 

Take a listen! 





A few things to add to Choire’s announcement:

- Our launch VJs include Jeff Rosenthal and David “Shapiro,” as well as Choire, Alex, Edith and Adam.

- The theme was designed by Casey Pugh of VHX.

That’s all! Enjoy.! Excited to have helped out on this project. It’s using a modified version of the VHX Tumblr theme.

Casey Pugh to the rescugh!

An amazingly good profile of Louis CK



(via peterwknox)

Please check out the new design and content! 

I’ll continue to post music, photos and bits of awesomeness here. 

Robyn / SNL Dance Comparison (by juneculp)

I loved this…and now I love that some genius has put it back to back / split screen with the Robyn video. 

I love Chuck Grodin. (Ask my wife!) This is an amazingly funny and thorough appreciation of the craft and art he brought to being a guest on SNL, Carson, Letterman, Etc. 

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